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Tree-sit protest against Mountain Valley Pipeline loses one of its stands (04/25/2018)
A tree-sitter who blocked the path of a natural gas pipeline for nearly two months is no longer in a tree stand, which was quickly disassembled after the protester came down Sunday.

Kinder Morgan: Still work to do on Utopia pipeline (04/25/2018)
Restoration work slated this summer along Utopia pipeline route.

Enbridge Shares Fall on Minnesota Pipeline Route Ruling (04/25/2018)
Shares of Canadian pipeline operator Enbridge Inc dropped more than 4 percent on Tuesday...

New York regulators have denied a permit for a pipeline expansion designed to increase natural gas deliveries to New York City.

Developers Seek Federal Action Against Pipeline Protesters (04/24/2018)
...Mountain Valley Pipeline developers say members of the Terry family are violating a court order prohibiting them from delaying, obstructing or interfering with access to court-approved easements...

Minnesota court allows pipeline protesters to mount unusual defense (04/24/2018)
Four protesters can present an unusual “necessity defense” against criminal charges stemming from efforts to shut down two Enbridge Energy oil pipelines, the Minnesota Court of Appeals ruled Monday.

Pipeline protests continue, with arrests in Giles and growing national attention (04/24/2018)
Three pipeline protestors were arrested there on Sunday, when they attempted to resupply the tree sitter who is blocking a U.S. Forest Service Road.

The Latest: Environmental groups oppose Enbridge ruling (04/24/2018)
Environmental and tribal groups are criticizing an administrative law judge's recommendation that Minnesota regulators should approve Enbridge Energy's proposal for replacing its aging Line 3...

Judge: Enbridge Line 3 project should follow existing route (04/24/2018)
Minnesota regulators should approve Enbridge Energy's proposal for replacing its aging Line 3 crude oil pipeline only if it follows the existing route rather than company's preferred route...

Roanoke County police charge 2 women in trees blocking the Mountain Valley Pipeline (04/20/2018)
Roanoke County police have filed criminal charges against a mother and daughter holed up in trees to block a natural gas pipeline from crossing their family land.

FERC Initiates Inquiry into Pipeline Certification Process (04/20/2018)
FERC on Thursday issued a notice of inquiry (NOI) that could lead to a revision of its policies regarding the review and authorization of interstate natural gas transportation facilities...

Pipeline surveys start next week in Colfax, Butler counties (04/20/2018)
Aerial surveys of the route planned for the Keystone XL pipeline crossing through Colfax and Butler counties will begin next week...

Pipeline Opponents Need A Shot Of Common Sense (04/17/2018)
The very word pipeline these days seem to put a lot of people on edge.

Keystone XL developer to meet with Nebraska landowners (04/17/2018)
The developer of the Keystone XL pipeline plans to meet with landowners along its planned route through Nebraska, South Dakota and Montana this week...

Eyes will be on big pipeline projects as they stretch out across WV (04/16/2018)
West Virginia residents are likely to see a lot of construction activity from big pipeline projects over the next months.

FERC approves pipe yards for Atlantic Coast Pipeline project (04/13/2018)
[FERC]...gave Dominion Energy approval Thursday to construct pipe yards in both Upshur County...[WV] and Halifax County...[NC], in anticipation of the construction of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline.

Massive investment needed to get natural gas abundance to market (04/12/2018)
Bottlenecks on the U.S. natural gas super highway are starting to stack up, raising concerns about whether infrastructure can be built fast enough to meet surging supplies.

Pipeline Proposes Expansion Into North Carolina (04/12/2018)
Developers of the Mountain Valley Pipeline announced plans Wednesday to extend the project currently proposed to carry natural gas through West Virginia and Virginia into North Carolina.