Trend Setter Award - The NSC recognized our Training Center for the second year in a row for TREND SETTER with our Defensive Driving Curriculum.

Mountain Valley review finds limited environmental impacts (06/26/2017)
A 303-mile pipeline that would carry fracked natural gas across West Virginia and Virginia would have "significant" impacts on forests but other adverse effects would be limited...

Rover Pipeline will benefit Michigan (06/26/2017)
In recent weeks, construction of the Rover Pipeline has commenced in Ohio. Once complete, the $4.2 billion project will be capable of transporting more than 2 billion cubic feet per day.

Teamsters: Pipeline Projects Mean More Local Jobs (06/23/2017)
Pipeline projects such as the Williams Atlantic Sunrise Pipeline mean more local jobs, the Teamsters National Pipeline Training Fund told DEP last week.

Energy Transfer Partners on another bumpy ride in Ohio (06/23/2017)
Energy Transfer Partners LP is making a mess of its biggest project since the Dakota Access pipeline.

Pipeline in Alabama, Georgia, Florida set to open soon (06/19/2017)
A 515-mile underground natural gas pipeline in Alabama, Georgia and Florida is expected to be fully operational by the end of the month.

Safe Gas?Pipelines Critical to Our Quality of Life (06/19/2017)
Many might not realize the sheer number of items they use on a daily basis that contain refined oil and natural gas.