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Project Contractor Local Start Date State
click for details United Piping, Inc. 346 03/09/2018 MN
click for details T. G. Mercer 346 02/12/2018 MN
The Blackdog Reroute Snelson Company 346 02/12/2018 MN
click for details Minnesota Limited LLC 346 01/29/2018 MN
click for details Casper Construction, Inc. 346,406 01/05/2018 MN
Atlantic Sunrise United Piping, Inc. 346 12/18/2017 MN
Nushka Lake Line 4 United Piping, Inc. 346 11/28/2017 MN
click for details Charps LLC 346 11/06/2017 MN
click for details T. G Mercer 346 10/05/2017 MN
Blackdog Project MDS Boring and Drilling/Snelson 346 09/12/2017 MN

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