From left to right: Rob Korda (Local 401 pipeliner), Scott Kucharski (President/Business Agent Teamsters Local 401), Rick May (Local 401 pipeliner), Gene Needham (Local 401 pipeliner), Richard Stern (Administrator, Teamsters National Pipeline Labor Management Cooperation Trust)

Scott Kucharski President of Teamsters Local 401 with his Pipeline members and Richard Stern Administrator of the Teamsters National Pipeline LMCT reviewing their respective testimony before the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) and the Army Corps of Engineers in support of the Atlantic Sunrise Pipeline Project on June 16, 2016 in Dallas, Pennsylvania.

The Atlantic Sunrise Pipeline Project is a 197.7 mile project composed of various size pipe ranging from 30 - 42 inches in diameter going from Lancaster County to Wyoming County, Pennslyvania.

President Kucharski testified that his members would work on this project providing them and their families with good paying jobs.

He also stressed the training (skills and defensive driving) his members have received to insure a safe and high quality product.

Administrator Stern used his time to speak at the hearing rebuking the myth perpetuated by the "Anti-Pipeline Forces" that the contractors will bring all workers from other states and local people will not benefit. Administrator Stern showed the FERC and Corps of Engineers representatives the "Teamsters National Pipeline Collective Bargaining Agreement" language guaranteeing that at least 50% of the workers have to be from the local area as well as a "Steward Report" from a current pipeline project in Pennsylvania showing 8 out of 9 Teamster Pipeliners were from Pennsylvania.

This hearing was 1 of 4 that were held in Lancaster, Annville and Bloomsburg besides this one in Dallas.

Teamsters Local 776 President Ed Thompson testified at the hearing on June 14, 2016 in Annville, Pennsylvania also stressing the project will provide jobs for his members and the fact they have a vested interest in building a quality pipeline project since these workers also live in the area of the pipeline.

All 4 hearings were attended by Administrator Stern and LMCT Program Manager John Hudson where one or both of them testified in support of the Project.